Wow Its been a Month +

Firstly, sorry I haven’t been updating that much. I didn’t have much to really say. I was fighting to lose a small amount o weight most of the month and with some advice from a close friend. I started doing more stuff to help me. I started riding the bike with tensions  changing between the  highest I was comfortable and the one after it  at varying speeds, doing 10 sits up and push ups. I got used to do the 10 and started doing 15, then 20 for each, I even added in lifting weights on my own.

I started seeing more weight loss and now I’ve lost a total of  25 pounds. So Its a medium size victory for me. Just 70 more to go and I’ll hit the 280 goal but I don’t know if I’ll start  there. Having this ritual like thing going on will probably stick with me. If I can lose more after that I will but that’s my goal currently.

From 375 to  350 is a big step for me. All because of actually exercising. I didn’t realize how much some moderate exercise daily would do. Working  wonders so far.

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I don’t mean that literally but I’m not gonna title them that  any more. It’s hard to keep up with what day I’m on after being gone for so long from it. After coming back from being away for like 9 days  I just didn’t have the urge to constantly update this any more. Continue reading

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Fitness Day – 21 to 22

The deal with this one is…I didn’t do much the past couple days. I tried riding the bike but I’m actually having trouble getting remotivated since I got back. I try to ride it at least once a day though for any where from 10-30 minutes. I’ve felt a lot strain on my left leg specifically and feels tense for a while after making it hard to walk sometimes. It just pulls and pulls which I’m not sure what to do about.

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Fitness Day – 20

I rode the bike yesterday once for about 15 minutes. It was on tension 2 so my leg started hurting a bit quicker. I’m trying to readjust to the bike after not riding it for a bit. So hopefully I can get back up to at least 2 rides at 20 this week before trying for two rides at 30 minutes. Just taking it a little slow currently until i can get used to it again.

I haven’t taken a picture yet but when I do i’ll update this. I may just throw together a big blog full of images for the 15-19 when I get all the photos off of where they are.

Any tips or anything would be helpful. I just want to be healthier.

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Fitness Day – 15 to 19

Sorry for the group post here but I honestly can’t remember what I did on specific days. I ended up being so tired while I was out that I went to sleep earlier the past couple nights.

Let’s just go down the list of things I did while I was gone the past few days and when I got back

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Fitness Day – 14

I was told yesterday that I need a day off in my exercising and since my leg was killing me today I decided today would be good. Though today we did go swimming and I did some walking around so its not entirely without movement.

So nothing much to say here! See ya next post.

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Fitness Day – 13

Take 2….Google Chrome stopped responding…thanks Google…

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